Tell jokes, Do crafts, Knit, Crochet, Sew, Be a Driver, Impart Local Knowledge, Write a skit or play, Read Aloud, Answer phones, Do manicures, Perform Magic Tricks, Like Animals, Spend 1/2 hour visiting a shut-in, Organize people, Sing, Dance or play an instrument, Help people with technology problems (Cell phones, laptops)???


Following is a list of organizations that we partner with to fill volunteer needs:

Meals on Wheel: 315.638.2171-needs drivers

B’ville Express: 315.638.0097-needs drivers

Canton Woods: 315.638.4536-looking for people to help with special events and to call Bingo on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from approx. 1-3pm

Park Terrace Assisted Living: 315.638.9207-looking for teenagers 14 and up to help with a variety of activities afterschool, after 6pm and on weekends.

Silver Fox Senior Social Club: 315.635.5335-needs a handy man to help with some projects, kitchen help, and people to organize sing-alongs, exercise classes, and painting classes

Syracuse Homes/McHarrie Place: 315.638.2521 EXT.1400-looking for a few men to start a men’s group of 4-5 men to share a hobby, an interest, maybe history. They are looking for mature teen volunteers to help in the afternoons/evenings with the Night Owl program. There are 8 residents in this program and they are looking for teens to work one-on-one playing cards, adult coloring, having conversations, and possibly do crafts. They are looking for a teen on Saturday mornings from 11-12pm to help push the book cart and mingle with the residents. They also need volunteers to push wheelchairs from resident’s rooms to dining hall and various activities from 1-3pm.

PAC-B needs experienced videographers to video tape town and village board meetings. If you are interested please call PAC-B @ 638-2768 or go to their website