Our History

Our Volunteer Center first existed as a branch of the Volunteer Center of Syracuse and Onondaga County. When they merged in 1997 with the United Way, an agency that does not support the concept of branch or satellite sites, our Volunteer Center was slated to close.

At that time, our Board of Directors decided to take the necessary steps to become an independent agency. In 1998, the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center, Inc. was born.

In 2008, we celebrated our tenth anniversary as an independent agency. We are totally dependent upon contributions from individuals, businesses and organizations in the Baldwinsville community.

We are the only local community-based volunteer center in Onondaga County. All of our programs serve only the Baldwinsville community which is defined by the boundaries of the Baldwinsville Central School District. All funds raised and all donations received are used strictly to serve Baldwinsville residents.

As an independent, not-for-profit agency we depend on contributions from individuals, organizations and local businesses to allow us to continue our mission.