2019 Man and Woman Volunteer of the Year Nominations Needed!

Every year, the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center takes the time to celebrate the wonderful community of volunteers in Baldwinsville. Nominations are sought and reviewed and two outstanding volunteers (a man and a woman) are selected to receive this annual award, which has been presented since the late 1960s. We are reaching out to all of the organizations in Baldwinsville who are served by volunteers, as these organizations, more than anyone, know the impact that volunteers have on our community. We are asking organizations to please consider making one or more nominations for this award. Please look back on 2019 and think of the volunteers who have made the greatest impact on your organization. If you choose to nominate a volunteer (or volunteers), please provide as much information as you can regarding the person(s) involvement with your organization, along with information regarding other organizations you know that person is involved with as a volunteer. The more information we have on a nominee, the more prepared our selection committee will be to make its decision. Most importantly, don’t assume that someone else will be nominating a person you think is deserving of this recognition. Nominations are due by Tuesday, February 23, 2020 and can be in letter form or by using the nomination form enclosed (additional copies can be made at your discretion). Anyone can make a nomination, so please share this request with others throughout your organization. Please detail all of the nominee’s community service activities, the organizations they are involved in and the time they’ve spent volunteering for each activity. The nomination must also include the nominee’s full name, address and phone number. Nominations can be mailed to the Volunteer Center at 8 Mechanic Street or emailed to the BVC at the email address below. For more information, please call our Office Manager at (315) 638-0251. There are so many people volunteering their time and talent in our community and the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center is proud to host this annual recognition for outstanding community service. The Outstanding Man and Woman Volunteer winners will be honored at an awards dinner on April 11, 2020. The winners will be announced in advance and will be presented with the award by last year’s honorees, Gwen VanDerveer and David Greer. Thank you in advance for helping us to uncover some great volunteers who should be recognized for the good works that they do in Baldwinsville!


Nomination Form Nomination Form 2019