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11th Annual Baldwinsville Margaritafest!

                 Save the Date!!!!!!

July 11, 2020


We know it’s still cold but we were hoping that dreams of Margaritas would warm you up!

We look forward to seeing you all at Margaritafest!

Fundraiser for the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center

The 2019 Marilyn Swete Memorial Scholarship

The 2019 Marilyn Swete Memorial Scholarship


Open to any high school senior living in the Baldwinsville School District.


Volunteer activities performed during grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Both the quality and quantity of the volunteer work will be considered.


May 1, 2018.



Three member of the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center will evaluate the applications. Judges will be impartial but close enough to community services to make competent judgments. Parents of teen volunteers are ineligible to be on the judging committee. The judges will give greater consideration to volunteer activities beyond required commitments to school or religious affiliations.


The judges’ decision shall be based on time involved and commitment to volunteerism, answers to short essay questions, and letters of recommendation. The winner will be announced in May. A $1000 scholarship will be presented at a mutually convenient time. If the recipient is a Baker High School student, the award will be presented at the school during Moving Up Week.



Thank you to the B’ville Class of “68 their generous H.E.L.P. Project donation!


Thank you to Fearless Fitness for H.E.L.P. Project donation!


Thank you to the B’ville Class of ’88 for their H.E.L.P. Project donation!


Thank to the B’ville Class of ’69 for their generous H.E.L.P. Project donation!

Baker High School’s Class of 1969 raised $1,000 for the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center’s Household Essentials for Living Pantry (HELP) program in February. (Submitted photo)

By Ashley M. Casey

Staff Writer

No matter how far a “Bee” strays from Baldwinsville, says Barb Presley, “Home is never far from you.”

A 1969 graduate of Baker High School, Presley is also president of the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center’s Board of Directors. As the Class of ‘69 approaches its 50th reunion next year, Presley and her fellow alumni have come together to give back to their home.

The class adopted the month of February to donate items to the BVC’s Household Essentials for Living Pantry (HELP) program, raising $1,000 in donations and household products that people in need cannot get from a food pantry.

“I think this class remarkably has stayed in touch and stayed connected to Baldwinsville, stayed connected to our roots,” Presley said. “Maybe it’s the older we get, the more we reminisce and remember how lucky we were to grow up in Baldwinsville.”

Presley noticed that many of her classmates stayed connected through Facebook, so she posted a call for her fellow Bees to donate to HELP. She asked for $5 per person, and donations came pouring in.

“It seems like the people who are farthest away were the first ones to send a check,” Presley said. “I was blown away by the amounts that some people sent.”

By the end of February, the Class of ‘69 had enough money to purchase dozens of cases of household goods. Alumni also brought donations of household products to a luncheon held in February.

Once the amount had reached the $990 mark, Presley said, fellow alumni Mike and Cathy Mazoway topped it off with $10 to bring it to an even $1,000.

“We are aware of the wonderful opportunity we had to grow up in this community. As a group, we very much wanted to give back for that chance,” Presley said.

HELP delivers donations to the Baldwinsville Community Food Pantry, run by the First United Methodist Church of Baldwinsville. The church distributes HELP items along with food donations.

The volunteer center encourages local groups to “adopt” a month to raise money and collect donations for HELP.

“We collect January through October because we don’t want to interfere with our Christmas Bureau,” Presley said. “The Class of ‘69 is going to challenge other groups.”

Since the Class of ‘69 threw down its gauntlet, other classes are signing on as well. Presley said the Class of 1964 — of which Baldwinsville Mayor Dick Clarke is a member — has adopted July, and the classes of 1968 and 1988 may get involved as well.

To learn more about the HELP project and how to donate, contact HELP Chair Carrie Sayler. She can be reached by phone at (315) 382-6117 or by email at You can also get in touch with the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center by calling (315) 638-0251 or emailing


Thanks to Baldwinsville First United Methodist Church VBS Program for their H.E.L.P. Project donation!



Thanks to Research Marketing and Strategies for their H.E.L.P. Project donation!


Thanks to The Community Wesleyan Church for their H.E.L.P. Project donation!


Thanks to Baldwinsville Area Girl Scout Troops for their H.E.L.P. Project donation!


Thanks to St. Mary’s School and Congregation for their H.E.L.P. Project donation!


Thanks to Thee Diner for their H.E.L.P. Project donation!



The BVC Board has “adopted” January as our month to show support for our H.E.L.P. Project! The Board of Directors thanks our community for past, present and future support of this and all BVC programs!