Author: Carmey Evans

2018 Man and Woman Volunteer of the Year Nominations Needed!


Every year, the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center takes the time to celebrate the wonderful community of volunteers in Baldwinsville. Nominations are sought and reviewed and two outstanding volunteers (a man and a woman) are selected to receive this annual award, which has been presented since the late 1960s. We are reaching out to all of the organizations in Baldwinsville who are served by volunteers, as these organizations, more than anyone, know the impact that volunteers have on our community.

We are asking organizations to please consider making one or more nominations for this award. Please look back on 2018 and think of the volunteers who have made the greatest impact on your organization. If you choose to nominate a volunteer (or volunteers), please provide as much information as you can regarding the person(s) involvement with your organization, along with information regarding other organizations you know that person is involved with as a volunteer.  The more information we have on a nominee, the more prepared our selection committee will be to make its decision. Most importantly, don’t assume that someone else will be nominating a person you think is deserving of this recognition.

Nominations are due by Friday, March 1, 2019 and can be in letter form or by using the nomination form enclosed (additional copies can be made at your discretion). Anyone can make a nomination, so please share this request with others throughout your organization. Please detail all of the nominee’s community service activities, the organizations they are involved in and the time they’ve spent volunteering for each activity.  The nomination must also include the nominee’s full name, address and phone number.

Nominations can be mailed to the Volunteer Center at 8 Mechanic Street or emailed to the BVC at the email address below. For more information, please call our Office Manager, Carmey Evans at (315) 638-0251.

There are so many people volunteering their time and talent in our community and the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center is proud to host this annual recognition for outstanding community service. The Outstanding Man and Woman Volunteer winners will be honored at an awards dinner on April 13, 2019. The winners will be announced in advance and will be presented with the award by last year’s honorees, Norma Widmann and Victor Jenkins.

Thank you in advance for helping us to uncover some great volunteers who should be recognized for the good works that they do in Baldwinsville!

Nomination Form Nomination Form 2018

Baldwinsville Christmas Bureau Donation Information

All Donations go to families in the Baldwinsville School District!

We no longer receive anything from Toys for Tots.



MON.-WED.-FRI. 10 AM – 4 PM






QUESTIONS: CALL LAURI @ (315) 727-5435

Christmas Bureau Registration 2018


If your family is in need of assistance this Holiday Season, please come to :
****St. Marks Church, 2840 Cold Springs Rd. B’ville *****
( Rte. 370 going towards John Glenn Blvd.)

Friday, November 2 from 10am-1pm
Saturday, November 3 from 10am-1pm
Tuesday, November 6, from 4pm-7pm
Wednesday, November 7,from 4pm-7pm

Who is eligible: Low-income families living in the Baldwinsville School District with children birth- senior year of high school

Please Bring: proof of all income and benefits, proof of current address, and all social security cards for eligible family members. Also, please bring clothing and shoe sizes and any other special requests for eligible family members.

The mission of the Christmas Bureau is to brighten your Holidays by distributing donations of new toys, gifts and food. *These may be the only days to register unless there is a prior approved reason! Questions? …..Please call the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center at 638-0251 or Lauri at 727-5435

Volunteer Opportunity-Adopt-a-Highway Program

Is your business or organization looking for a way to give back to our community? Here is a program that may interest you!

If interested, please contact:
Camillus Office (Residency 3-4)
Joan Bjorness, Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator
Onondaga West Residency
5700 Devoe Road
Camillus, New York 13031

Telephone: (315) 672-8151
Fax: (315) 672-8670

Adopt-A-Highway Program

Across the country, thousands of communities have signaled their commitment to keeping America beautiful by adopting stretches of highway and pledging to keep them litter-free.

During the late 1980s, the New York State Department of Transportation re-assessed its priorities in view of a declining work force and a reduced operating budget. DOT’s first priority was then – and is now – to operate the state’s highways and bridges safely and cost-effectively; for example, to resolve safety issues, to maintain pavement and guide rail or to control ice and snow. As a result, fewer and fewer resources were available for roadside beautification or other aesthetic-related activities. New York was not the only state with the dilemma of having limited resources with which to address myriad responsibilities.

More than a decade earlier, the State of Texas had begun an experimental program, a unique partnership in which everyone benefitted. Through the “Don’t Mess With Texas ” Program, organizations and individuals volunteered to adopt sections of Texas highways and to remove roadside litter. As a result, taxpayers had cleaner highways; civic organizations were involved in beneficial community projects; and, the State of Texas was able to accomplish something more than its limited resources traditionally would have allowed. “Don’t Mess With Texas” was an almost perfect program, one in which everyone benefitted some way. What had begun as a county-wide experiment grew into a national model, a program that encompasses the entire 293,000-mile Texas state highway system.

Legislation to formalize New York State’s Adopt-A-Highway Program was passed in 1990 to encourage individuals or groups to clean up highway roadsides and to recognize those volunteers who do. Participation in the program also fosters a sense of community ownership of the roadway as well as a sense of pride in its appearance.

Today, all 50 states have some type of a sponsor-a-highway or adopt-a-highway program in place because there is a very real human need for aesthetically pleasing roadsides in spite of the reality that highway beautification simply cannot compete on an even level with highway safety for ever-diminishing public funds.

Approximately 5,000 miles of New York State highway roadsides are adopted.
The New York State Department of Transportation has 2,400 active Adopt-A-Highway agreements in place.
Volunteer groups, organizations, businesses or individuals may adopt a segment of highway as long as there are no other adopters of that segment.
An adopted highway segment is usually two miles long but this length may vary.
NYSDOT must determine that the segment to be adopted is safe for voluntary beautification.
Adopters agree to perform at least four pick-ups each year.
Adopters must be at least 12 years-old; adopters between 12 years-old and 18 years-old must be accompanied by a guardian.
Proposed adopters must enter into formal agreements with NYSDOT.
Each Adopt-A-Highway agreement is for two years and is renewable provided the adopters have functioned in accordance with their previous agreement.
Adopters must obtain a Highway Work Permit from the New York State Department of Transportation; NYSDOT waives the standard permit fee.
Adopt-A-Highway agreements may be terminated if the adopters fail to perform in accordance with the signed agreement.
The Department reserves the right to deny participation to any proposed adopters whose participation would not be in the best interest of New York State.
NYSDOT collects and properly disposes of the litter the adopters have collected.

Partners and Sponsors of Casino Night on the Seneca 2018

The BVC would like to THANK our Partners and Sponsors of our 3rd Annual Casino Night on the Seneca 2018 fundraiser!

We appreciate your continued support for our organization and the programs we provide to the Baldwinsville community.

Our Partners are:




















Our Sponsors are:
















We would also like to THANK the following organizations for donating food:










Casino Night on the Seneca 2019

Casino Night on the Seneca 2019

Who likes Black Jack, Texas Hold’em, Roulette and Big Spin Wheel??  Who likes winning prizes, music, food, sweet treats and fabulous company????

Save the date for March 9th!!!

    The Baldwinsville Volunteer Center is putting on our 4th Annual “Casino Night on the Seneca” fundraiser, kicking off an exciting 2019 calendar of events!!

More information will be provided.

Where: Red Mill Inn
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Cost: $20/person (cash bar)
Date: March 9, 2019

Reason: Have fun and raise money to help support the BVC and its community programs.



Congratulations to Victor Jenkins and Norma Widmann!

They are the 2017 Man and Woman Volunteers of the Year!

The Baldwinsville Volunteer Center would like to thank you for your years of service to our community.


2017 Man and Woman of the Year Awards Dinner

Make your reservations now for the 2017 Man & Woman Volunteer of the Year awards dinner.

This year’s event will be held on Saturday, April 7th, at Pasta’s on the Green at Foxfire (Village Green).

The evening will begin at 5:00 p.m. with a Cocktail Hour, the Awards Program at 6:00 p.m. followed by a buffet dinner.

To make a reservation, anyone interested in attending the event can simply call the BVC and make a reservation. The dinner is $27 per person, payable to the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center, and the payment can be mailed to the Center or paid at the door, if necessary.

Reservations should be made by April 3rd.

The 2019 Marilyn Swete Memorial Scholarship

The 2019 Marilyn Swete Memorial Scholarship


Open to any high school senior living in the Baldwinsville School District.


Volunteer activities performed during grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Both the quality and quantity of the volunteer work will be considered.


May 1, 2018.



Three member of the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center will evaluate the applications. Judges will be impartial but close enough to community services to make competent judgments. Parents of teen volunteers are ineligible to be on the judging committee. The judges will give greater consideration to volunteer activities beyond required commitments to school or religious affiliations.


The judges’ decision shall be based on time involved and commitment to volunteerism, answers to short essay questions, and letters of recommendation. The winner will be announced in May. A $1000 scholarship will be presented at a mutually convenient time. If the recipient is a Baker High School student, the award will be presented at the school during Moving Up Week.